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EAVision Robotic Tech

EAVision J100  PANDORA Premium Package
  • EAVision J100 PANDORA Premium Package

    Tbe premium package includes: 


    RTK base super link station for greater precision mapping without 4G network 

    Four (4) CCMS spray mist nozzles for fruit tree application

    Advanced front and downward ALS lidar obstacle avoidance for operations around power wires and challenging environments



    45L (60L optional) Ag Drone for spraying & granular/seed spreading

    The PANDORA covers a lot of ground in little time.  (45 acres/hr per drone)

    On the fly adjustable droplet size of 10 µ to 300 µ (max rate of 24L/min.)  and a swath distance of up to 10m spraying and 15m spreading.


    Optimum Dispersion.

    Multi-Directional Continuous Rotation Fan Field. 

    Innovatively developed MCRFF(Multi-Directional Continuous Rotation Fan Field)is synched with the coiling fluid field for UAV downwash. It forms a large-scale diffused mist field in the forward and rear edges of the aircraft, enabling downward rotation agitation from the bottom and upward, dual penetration from top to bottom, and horizontal diffusion in the middle. Deposition is more transparent and distributed more evenly.


    Newly-developed intelligent lifting function has a maximum lifting capacity of 60 kg, quick installation, quick release, and automatic detachment. Innovative automatic guidance design. Achieves one-click finding of take-off and lifting points with autonomous flight, which doubles the efficiency of lifting operations.



    A quick-change 50 kg granule spreader tank, equipped with a rotating material breakage sensor and replaceable blade agitator which achieves a high-speed spreading rate of 110 kg/min, resulting in more uniform distribution.A newely developed intelligent estimation method for material dipersement has been developed, enabling precise setting of the spreading width with an error control of less than 10 centimeters, significantly reducing re-broadcasting and missed coverage.



    High-definition FPV camera aerial mapping enables rapid stitching of high-definition topographical maps, with a stitching time as low as 5 minutes for a 50-acre land.  Easy mapping doubles the efficiency.


    Superior Obstacle Avoidence

    Binocular vision 3D perception technology combined with millimeter-wave radar, LiDar, and ultrasonic radar, it can detect obstacles in real time, Ultra-low terrain following flight, unlocks full-scale operations in hilly and mountainous areas, the Hercules can light up the fields with its upgraded night lighting system(EA-NLS3.0)


    New laser compound eye recognition system

    Based on multiple ALS beam array , constructs an infinite-resolution laser compound eye and triples field of view and detection distance

    Covering an area the size of a football field. It can identify obstacles as small as 1 centimeter in diameter  Accurately recognizing obstacles such as dead branches, utility poles, and power lines in the operation environment, providing all-around safety assurance


    No fear of power line and guide wire day and night.

    The onboard chipset has outstanding computational power, allowing for the real-time creation of a three-dimensional map of the operation environment. It autonomously plans safe flight routes and ensures smooth obstacle avoidance and terrain following at a speed of 10 meters per second in various complex and coupled terrains such as plains, water surfaces, and mountains. There is no need for manual terrain selection, making it efficient and worry-free.

    Night flight obstacle avoidance capabilityallows for operations day and night without the need for additional obstacle markings.


    High performance remote control

    3km communication distance、Vehicle-grade 7-inch ultra-clear large screen、6nm 8-core vehicle-grade AI processor, matched with a powerful heat dissipation fan.


    Manual operation enhancement

    The added manual operation enhancement mode enables precise manual operation with quantitative, speed, height, and directional control, as well as omnidirectional obstacle avoidance.


    Ag drone training,  licensing, and maintenance courses are avaible. 

    • Warranty

      All products are covered under manufactures  one year warranty.  

      Our repair and maintenace process is stream-lined to get you back in the fields as soon as possible.  Reports of issue can be submitted in App and go directly to our service centre for processing.

    • Training

      We just don't just sell you the best Ag drones on the market, we teach you how to fly them too.  We offer extensive training for first time pilots and experienced flyers alike.   We offer an intensive course covering all the workings of our drones.  The course will instill confidence in your abilities and in EA Vision's technology.

      Also availavble is a MoT Canada RPAS Pilot certification program, which will give you the knowledge and tools you need to get your Basic and/or Advanced certification (This program is only avaible in BC currently).  Further information will be provided in an after-sale follow up.

    • Support

      Login on for individualized customer service.


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