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Pinpointing Issues 
 Applying Solutions

Through precise scouting techniques using multispectral cameras with RTK, we are able to pinpoint specific zones and individual plants that require attention with a less invasive approach, preventing minor issues from becoming major problems.

With orthomosaic images, 3D models, prescription maps, and data charts to make informed decisions we can proactively make changes to nutrients, irrigation and pest control. 


Having access to plant and crop health data is invaluable, and AgriDrones Canada can provide it for you at the field's edge. 

 With this timely knowledge, growers can make decisions on resource needs early - increasing vigor - increasing yields. 

We specialize in foliar fertilizer application.  Giving your crops the nutrients they need, right to the source. Our spray drones can cover fields without the impact of tires and machinery, meaning less yield loss and more product.

Call us to see how our services can benefit your crops and your bottom line.

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Aerial Inspection Schedule

Apply nutrients and water resources only where needed.

Soil Mapping

Map bare soil & evaluate

with historic maps.  Analyze differences and make early decisions.

Stand Count

Evaluate plants in all areas

June - July - Aug. - Sept.
Plant Health Inspections

• Map to make informed decisions on variable rate applications for nitrogen, pesticides, etc.

• Use maps to estimate yield

Evaluate & Plan

Review season's maps &

tests, compare historical data to plan for next year.

Inspect Drainage

A field elevation map can detect  changes that may affect drainage.  Infrared Images capture the flowing water under the surface.   See the unseen.

Plant Scouting

• Detect crop stress and make precise application decisions.

• Optimize irrigation from data

• Start to make yield projections

Drainage Repair

Evaluate elevation images.

Check drainage tiles.

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