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AgriDrone Technology


RGB @ 20MP

As the drone flies its preplanned flight route autonomously, it captures hundreds of images at timed intervals to create an orthomosaic. From this stitched together image we can obtain extensive data and make 3D digital models.

Thermal Infrared

Seeing the invisible. 

Thermal IR  mapping can detect the presence of parasites, water requirements and stress levels.  Proper irrigation scheduling can reduce water stress and mitigate plant heat stress.


One of the basic principles of the concept of precision agriculture is to fit resources to needs,  Irrigating according to the principle of precision agriculture will improve water distribution helping plants reach uniform maturity, and consequently, improve yields.

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 9.58.33 AM.png


Multispectral imaging is the capturing of  specific wavelengths of light including bands beyond the visible spectrum.  Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, and Near Infrared. 

The various Vegetation Indices are made from algorithms that compare the differences captured in those specific bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. Vegetation Index maps give information on plant health and soil conditions.

Powerful Analytics

If a picture is worth a thousand words then the value of hundreds stitched together is priceless.

The individually captured images are plotted together to make a 2D orthomosaic with NDVI, GNDVI, NDRE  and other  vegetation indexes.  Stand counts, plant counts, Digital Elevation Maps, Digital Surface Maps, 3D models can be produced to give a view of crops as never seen before.


The amount of information that can be taken from a photograph is impressive - The amount of information that can be derived from the big picture is incredible.  We can see more now than ever before. 

Make good decisions sooner.

Compare - zonationx3 -NDRE.png


With the information gathered from the multispectral camera, prescription maps can be made for spot spraying of nutrients and chemicals. (Regulations are still being written in Canada on chemical application by drone - stay tuned).

This is a game changer for fertilizer application. 

Give just the right amount to only the plants that require attention.

Save resources by farming with precision. 


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