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Green Gradient

Pinpoint Issues.
Apply Solutions.


J100 spread
EA Vision Tech Ag spray drones 60X

Granular / Seed

Pinpointing Issues 
Applying Solutions

Crop scouting and mapping with RGB and multispectral cameras using vegetation indexes and AI software, provide insight into plant and soil heatlh. We are able to focus on specific zones and individual plants that require attention and monitoring.  We can then apply solutions in a less invasive approach, preventing minor issues from becoming major problems.  

Powerful Analytics

The individually captured images are plotted together to make topographic maps, from which we can extract significant data. Such as:

  • NDVI, GNDVI, NDRE and other vegetation indexes.

  • plant counts,

  • size monitoring,

  • plant stress - nutrients

  • plant stress - water

  • soil stress

  • irrigation issues

  • prescription maps for spraying

  • Digital Surface Maps

  • 3D models

  • and much more.


Compare - zonationx3 -NDRE.png

Application Drones

The EA Vision J100 is made for precise application and autonomous operation.  Giving your crops the nutrients they need, right to the source at a 10µ-300µ mist, without having to pilot the UAV.

Day or night.  The EA Vision J100 can disperse 45L (60L optional) of liquid at a 10m swath or spread 50kg of granular at a 15m swath, both at max speed of 13.8 m/s.  Use three drones in synch to cover even more ground.


EA Vision Ag drones can apply in steep terrain, on water soaked fields and around power lines autonomously without the impact of tires and machinery.

The J100 is a  powerful heavy drone, making it a great alternative to a helicopter for on-the -branch cherry drying 

They are great at white washing greenhouses too. 

* Non-organic and non registered agrochems for UAVs are not permitted currently.  Please inquire for up-to-date information.

Save resources by farming with precision

Good for Growers. Good for the Planet.

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